Week 8 - PRIZE GIVING WEEK (see attached list of winners)

Congratulations to the Room 17 students who received a certificate today!

1 Lily-Grace Ng Excellence Award: For being an incredible learning & support buddy to others while still maintaining a high academic level. 2 Mikey Li Good Thinking Skills: For displaying critical thinking and problem solving skills consistently throughout the year 3 Luis Huang Good Thinking Skills For displaying critical thinking and problem solving skills in all areas of learning 4 Kane Wermer Good Thinking Skills For displaying critical thinking and problem solving skills in ICT this year


Here are the students peer assessing their board games. It's a great process for students to see their games through the eyes of a peer who knows how to play board games. A steep learning curve for some students.

Week 6 Artwork

Check out this piece of art that six students created.
Step 1: Daisy drew the Dr Seuss picture
Step 2: The picture was enlarged to A3
Step 3: The picture was then divided up into sixths
Step 4: Each student had to enlarge it again onto an A4 piece of art paper
Step 5: Dye and vivid

What an outcome! You all did an awesome job of matching up your pieces. Well done guys!

Miscellaneous photos of fantastic work

Working on their Tiny House prototype
Lucy thinking about her next steps maybe??? Mason doesn't seem impressed :-)
Girls can do anything - even build tiny houses!
Brayden contemplating Noah's question?
Ronan's Korean fan. I wonder what it means?
Darion's Korean fan.
Daisy, our amazing artist.
Katie's big snapper.
Jacob's pod of whales.

Some of the tiny houses made in China.
Tiny Houses in China.
Another student's tiny house.
A sneak preview at Indiana's fraction board game...
...and a sneak preview of Yolanda's. Actually, they made them together.
Here is our thank you card to Mitre10 for the Corflute they donated to the making of our tiny houses and the water wheels made by Rooms 15 & 16.

Week 5's Learning

MARKET DAY - Friday 16th
What an amazing Market Day the students experienced. There were so many innovative items for sale that the Year 7 & 8 students had made. Well done to everyone.

Week 4's Learning

Tuakana/teina refers to the relationship between an older (tuakana) person and a younger (teina) person and is specific to teaching and learning in the Māori context. Within teaching and learning contexts, this can take a variety of forms: Peer to peer – teina teaches teinatuakana teaches tuakana

Here is an example where Megan, Kate and Daisy helped the younger children in Room 11 with their painting. Well done girls!